DMA Student Sponsored program 2017 

this program is sponsored by Danish Muslim Aid for young student to back up their education and to make progress to achieve their goals

the following are the list of the student who is getting funded by DMA, thanks to them.








Nuh Mohamed Ali

Golis University

Civil Engineering







Abdi Rahim Hassan Omar 

Marodijeex  University

Public Health  








Golis University

Civil Engineering









Bilan Omar Jama 


Grade 12th







Aisha Saleeban Ahmed 

Addis Abba Medical   University

Public Health



Energy and Livelihood Project

(Solar Electrification for Rural Schools)

Gadhyogol Primary School

IMG_0819 IMG_0825

Energy and Livelihood Project (Solar Electrification for Schools) is a project funded by African Chamber of Commerce (AfCham) and BrightBeam Solar PTY Ltd, Implemented by Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO).  The project intended to provide solar lamps for primary students in rural areas at Gadhyogol Primary School in Gadhyogol Village, MarodiJeh region. in Somaliland.

IMG_0875 IMG_0897
IMG_0825 DSC02748

while children are happy for this gift from AFcharm  and TASCO  while is good and will benefit in current future .




Enhancing Women Skills in Hargeisa Four IDPs Funded by Caritas  through Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO)

DSC00066 DSC00089 IMG_0173 IMG_0184 IMG_2984

Agreement Between University of Hargiesa And Ludwig Maximilians University( LMU) In Germany

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School WASH Facilities Management Training For School Teacher and CEC’s Awdal and Maroodijeeh Regions: Funded by Caritas Hargeisa office:

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