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UNICEF Funded WASH project

In the villages of Gawsaweyne and Bixin, Sanaag region, TASCO have implemented a WASH project funded by UNICEF. The purpose of the project was to improv the drought affected communities access to safe water and sanitation facilities that lead to healthier families and communities.

The villages of Gawsaweyne and Bixin were affected by the recurrent drought. Which resulted in the lack of safe source of basic water and sanitation facilities.
For instance the families living in the village of Gawsaweyne were drinking from a cesspit infested pool of water which had a very offensive smell. (Seen in the image below.)

Images below depict the completion adn installation of the water and sanitation facilities funded by UNICEF in the villages of Bixin and Gawsaweyne.




The water systems installed in both villages are powered by Solar power. The Solar power comes from solar panels that are enclosed by a fence installed on a high ground.

Community members have been given roles in order to ensure the water system continues to be a success. This includes an attendant whose duty it is to protect the solar panels and keep them clean.

Prior to the installation the communities did not have a regular source of clean water due to the drought.