Voter Education on Voter Registration in Somaliland

In order to obtain and secure free and fair elections, it has become inevitable to register all eligible voters as requested by the Government of Somaliland, political parties and the international community. The Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS) funded by USAID and implemented by IOM, in partnership with the Somaliland National Election Commission (NEC) and various international actors, is planning to implement a voter education aimed at building awareness and educating voters about the forthcoming voter registration process in Somaliland.

There are several reports from the previous local elections recommending Somaliland to conduct an accurate voter registration before the next elections. FOPAG and TASCO are submitting this proposal initiative which will contribute towards the efforts that will allow Somaliland adopt a robust system for voter/citizen registration, in order to deter fraud and improve confidence in the upcoming electoral process.

TASCO and FOPAG intend to meet the needs of different strata of the society both urban and rural; youth, women, men, pastoralist communities, and people with special needs and minority groups, which were not addressed in the previous voter education efforts.

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the overall objectives to To strengthen citizens rights of access to information by improving voter education on voter registration process, reduce irregularities and increase voter turn-out and successful elections free from all forms of irregularities.

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Human Rights, Gender Democracy and Social justice.

  • Women Development Project (WDP) – The aim of the project is to work in partnership with other service providers, refugee groups and voluntary organizations in Somaliland to improve access to services for women. In addition to looking at the generic needs of women, there will be a special emphasis on Education (development of entrepreneurial skills) both rural and urban areas. The project also aims to provide peer-mentoring support in women’s groups through a team of experienced volunteers.
  • Gender Equality: TASCO is equal opportunity employers that value its staff regardless of their sexes. When considering recruitment, we consider candidates qualification, qualities, and experience. In addition, we intend to balance staff on the basis of their capabilities. We value our staff on their dedication, and treat them fair and firm. In regards to maternity leave, all females are encouraged to inform Taakulo their expect date so that all work are equally allocated to team members and always promote collective work. W e intend to also give out contracts to women such as sewing classes, and caring to all women since they are familiar with the work culture.