Isra-UK Food Donation ( Ramadan Package)


Ramadan Package Drought affected people in Beerwayso Village,  Ceel-Afweyn District, in Sanaag Region.

With the crisis in drought situation In Somaliland and the declaration of a famine by the FSNAU and FEWSNET, and with the plan of TASCO with a partnership of ISRA UK to reach more affected people during Ramadaan in Somaliland in June 2017


Objectives of the activity

  • To feed the people that affected by the drought and loss their livestock
  • To help the communities to survive and have a food secure 45 days
  • To provide unconditional food transfer to the drought affected people in Beerweeso village


Ramadan Package Drought affected people in Beerwayso Village

Ramadan Package Drought affected people in Beerwayso Village Ceel-Afweyn District.

Slået op af Taakulo Somaliland Community – TASCO i 26. juni 2017



Food Donation by  SOMALI RELIEF TRUST in  HOL-HOL, Boorama District (Ramadan Package) 


Taakulo Somaliland Community Distributed Food to the People at HOL-HOL, Boorama District, Awdal Region, Somaliland.
The Food was Donated by “SOMALI RELIEF TRUST” for Ramadan Package.








DMA ( Danish Muslim Aid )  Ramadan package food distribution 


Ramadan Package for Drought affected people at Dhoobo Cantuug Donated By Danish Muslim Aid









Food Donation From Danish Muslim Aid (DMA) for Drought Affected People to Saraar Region, Somaliland.

Danish Muslim Aid (DMA) Denmark, were Donated food to the drought affected people in Somaliland through Taakulo Somaliland Community(TASCO).

Due to Severe drought hit the whole country, rural people were losing their livestock and in some areas there was lose of live as reported on local media resulted by lack of water and food for both people and livestock.

Taakulo always stand for responding the humanitarian need for vulnerable people affected by drought.  On early April Taakulo Team were reached to Saraar, one of the areas badly affected by the drought, Cel-lahelay and Kalabaydh both villages are under Saraar Region, Ainabo District, were both distributed food to feed themselves and save their lives.

these people are in hard Phenomenon, they lost what their live was depend on, stand up for helping them and donate to be part the efforts for saving their lives.  

Thanks for Danish Muslim Aid 

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Water Project By DMA (Danish Muslim Aid ) 

Two Water Projects Funded By danish Muslim At Dhubato. Water quality is very good. Clean and drinkable water. Protected. We bring water close to the community where the agro pastoralist are easily fetching . Thanks to Danish Muslim Aid. Sponsors are Mustafa Hayta and Ahmed Nawas.

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