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Drought Affected Area Project 

TASCO with a support of UNICEF: Started Water Voucher for drought affected people in 92 Villages and 42 Schools in Sool, Sanaag, and Togdheer on June 11, 2017.










Nutrition skills Mother and child health at Dhubato and Diinqal villages of maroodi-jeex region

NAFIS Network firstly recognizes the generous financial support offered by Kindernothilfe (KNH) for conducting this household survey reflecting from multiple segments based on various needs of.

Nutrition mother skills and child health project activities were implemented TASCO. The activities that carried out consist of awareness raising and campaign against Female genital mutilation (FGM), food skills and cooking preparation, poultry management, awareness of waterborne diseases and sanitation and hygiene. More than two hundred household families and one thousand three hundred children have benefited  all the project activities.

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  • To training on poultry management production and health care based on instruction along with the practical knowledge
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Livelihood:  We do Livelihood to support venerable families such as providing

  • Seasonal Projects Income Generation
    • Iftari Food for Poor Communities: A month’s provision is given to poor families at the start of Ramadan and communal meal is provided, at the end of the day of fasting to families and individuals.
    • Qurbani/Adhiya: Once a year during the Hajj [the Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah] meat is distributed to the poor, in the majority of these communities this is the only time they will eat meat in the whole year.
    • Eid Clothing
    • Water Trucking  

sewing machines donated by Australia doctors for Africa to poor woman in somaliland to support their life.

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sewing mechines

Self-Help Group (SHG) is a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from the same socio-economic background. They come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self-help and mutual help. This project is supported by KINDER NOT HILFE (KNH) Through NEFIS Network.

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Qurbani Project

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Enhancing Women Skills in Hargeisa Four IDPs Funded by Caritas  through Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO)

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