What We Do

TASCO main areas of Intervention and implements Programmes and projects in sectors including:


Health Infrastructure Support Project(HISP)

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Emergency Responds.

Livelihood, Environment and Education (LEE)

Human Rights, Gender Democracy and Social justice

Orphan Sponsorship programs and Child Protection.

Capacity building Programmes

Seasonal Projects

Disability Support Project (DSP)



« Health Infrastructure Support Project (HISP) – Providing medical equipment’s, rehabilitation of health facilities, Health Field Camps (visits by health personnel) students exchanges  and Doctors  :

« WASH innovation project – The overall purpose of this project is to increase the timeliness and effectiveness of WASH responses to humanitarian crises by increased capacity of WASH human resources and provision of Water and sanitation infrastructural facilities in specific regions of Somaliland/Somalia.

« Emergency Response (ER) – TASCO has been supporting mitigation of natural disasters, such as draughts and famine by deploying trained emergency taskforce to facilitate relief assistance in draught affected areas in Somaliland/Somalia

« Livelihood, Environment and Education (LEE).

Livelihood:  We do Livelihood to support venerable families such as providing

  • Seasonal ProjectsIncome Generation
    • Iftari Food for Poor Communities: A month’s provision is given to poor families at the start of Ramadan and communal meal is provided, at the end of the day of fasting to families and individuals.
    • Qurbani/Adhiya: Once a year during the Hajj [the Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah] meat is distributed to the poor, in the majority of these communities this is the only time they will eat meat in the whole year.
    • Eid Clothing
  • Water Trucking  


Environment:  We do environment work such as:

  • Preventing soil erosion and advocating local farmers
  • Preventing Deforestation and awareness raising campaign
  • Tree plantation and establishing nurseries.



« Human Rights, Gender Democracy and Social justice.

  • Women Development Project (WDP) – The aim of the project is to work in partnership with other service providers, refugee groups and voluntary organizations in Somaliland to improve access to services for women. In addition to looking at the generic needs of women, there will be a special emphasis on Education (development of entrepreneurial skills) both rural and urban areas. The project also aims to provide peer-mentoring support in women’s groups through a team of experienced volunteers.
  • Gender Equality: TASCO is equal opportunity employers that value its staff regardless of their sexes. When considering recruitment, we consider candidates qualification, qualities, and experience. In addition, we intend to balance staff on the basis of their capabilities. We value our staff on their dedication, and treat them fair and firm. In regards to maternity leave, all females are encouraged to inform Taakulo their expect date so that all work are equally allocated to team members and always promote collective work. W e intend to also give out contracts to women such as sewing classes, and caring to all women since they are familiar with the work culture.

« Orphan Sponsorship programs and Child Protection.

Orphan Support Project (OSP) – Through the “Orphan Sponsorship” programme and with support from Danish Muslim Aid, Somali Development Association, and many individual generous donors, TASCO is assisting children who have lost their parents or/and guardians and enables them to fit into the society morally, spiritually and mentally. The Orphan Support Program (OSP) of TASCO helps in identifying the families in needy situations and giving them support including: bursary, scholarships and grants. Children are being provided with stipends, sufficient enough to bear the expenses of their education and their basic amenities of life.


« Capacity building Programmes

Training for capacity building – This project aims at ensuring continued improvement of skills and knowledge of targeted beneficiaries through skills development on thematic areas such as Income Generation Activities – IGA (Entepreneual Skills), sustainability and maintenance of community external support programmes and identification & utilization of community resources

« Seasonal Projects

Seasonal projects – This project aims at rapid response to unpredicted and unforeseen circumstances and conditions that affects human kind and create humanitarian crisis


« Disability Support Project (DSP)

 Disability Support Project (DSP) – The overall purpose of this project is to provide support and assistance to people With Disability (PWD) in terms of wheel chairs, access apparatus, crutches, walking aids, and financial support,


TASCO Supports people with special needs and sponsored number of Child with special needs for providing bursaries to be able to be part of the society: Our priority is supporting people with disability to reach their full potential at home, at work and in their community life. Each year, we reaffirm our commitment to our purpose, ‘to enhance the lives of people with a disability’ and our vision, ‘to maximize opportunities for people with a disability to experience choice, inclusion and achievement.